宇野 亘
Senior Data Scientist
Joined aiQ in May 2023
Economic analysis at aiQ

SCHEDULEhow I spend a typical business day at aiQ

I primarily work from home

  • 09:30

    Check email and slack

    We use slack for internal communication.

  • 10:00

    Program development, data analysis and documentation

    I work on jupyter notebooks set up on our in-house Linux server

  • 12:00

    lunch break

    I have flexible in adjusting the time of day the break occurs

  • 13:00

    Meetings with external customers

    Participate in virtual meetings to discuss analyses requested by clients. Gather feedback and confirm the direction for future analysis

  • 14:00

    Program development, data analysis and documentation

    I continue the tasks I worked on in the morning. Communicate with other team members via virtual meetings to share and discuss results. On alternate days, there will be meetings scheduled with external companies

  • 18:30

    End of the work day

A friendly atmosphere, which made me feel that it would be an appealing place to work
How did you come to work at aiQ/what motivated you to apply for a new job?

After completing a master's degree in science, I spent five years working for a software company where I focused on developing software for image analysis and AI, mainly related to satellite imaging. During this period, my interest in the economic and financial sectors grew as I began trading stocks in my personal life. This interest led me to discover aiQ through a job search website.
Whilst exploring engineer positions in the financial field on job search websites, I encountered numerous opportunities related to the development and maintenance of mission-critical systems for banks and securities companies. However, what drew me to aiQ was the prospect of working in a core area closely aligned with economic and financial information. This included tasks such as developing models for stock price forecasts using data and transforming it into a user-friendly format for investors.
When I was job hunting as a new graduate, I had not looked at finance-related companies at all, associating them with a rigid image. However in the interview at aiQ, I was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly atmosphere, which made me feel that it would be an appealing place to work.
Despite the office being located in Tokyo, the possibility of working fully remotely without relocation served as an additional motivation for my application

An approach focused on leveraging data overlooked by other investors, to provide a competitive advantage for increased profitability
Why work at aiQ?

At aiQ, we advocate utilising alternative data and trading based on information that has previously escaped market attention. The strategy of seeking increased profit through data overlooked by other investors for a competitive advantage is compelling. I find great potential in this approach, foreseeing its significance growing as the widespread adoption of data and AI continues in the future.
We believe that using new and different datasets to create investment strategies will contribute to market efficiency and economic development by incorporating more information into the market. Thus in turn, helping to create a market that reflects accurate future predictions. In this sense, we believe that the use of alternative data benefits the economy as a whole and has intrinsic value. The opportunity to contribute to this larger purpose through my work is a compelling aspect that I find highly attractive.
In particular, aiQ manages in-house “foot traffic” data called Geolocation and “retail sales” datasets called POS. These datasets are not widely accessible, and I am convinced that leveraging them in trading provides a competitive edge over other investors. The capability to perceive the economy from a "higher perspective" through the utilisation of exclusive datasets is a unique attraction of aiQ.
I find it attractive to work with experienced senior professionals who have have extensive careers at the forefront of the financial industry. Engaging in insightful discussions and receiving valuable feedback during meetings allows me to gain useful knowledge about the financial field, making this aspect of my work particularly appealing

Discovering novel data and devising trading strategies that make effective use of it
What challenges do you want to take on at aiQ in the future?

As I previously mentioned, I believe that there is great value in providing investors with data that they have previously overlooked. In that sense, I would like to take on the challenge of finding new and useful data and formulating trading strategies that effectively utilise it.
Notably, my background is rooted in natural science-related fields from both my academic and professional experiences. While this may initially appear as a potential drawback, presenting certain challenges, I see it as an advantage. Through the lens of a natural science perspective, I believe there is the potential to uncover novel data and perspectives. I am committed to utilizing my expertise and knowledge to discover fresh and valuable data, as well as to explore successful trading strategies within the economic field.
Furthermore, recent advances in the field of AI have led to the emergence of models capable of processing a wide variety of data, including large language models (LLMs). These advancements are unlocking the potential to effectively analyse data that posed challenges in the past. I aspire to stay attuned to the latest trends in technology, while making the most of such opportunities to incorporate new data.

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