Smart Alpha Generation in Japan



- Factory production hours, overtime hours and sales forecasts built on Geolocation data from Japan's largest telecommunications company
- Automotive, Steel & NonFerrous metals, Machinery, Electrical Appliances and other industries
- Deep learning AI forecasts of factory level working populations and sales

- Largest Consumer Panel (CP) sample of purchases in Japan, tracking purchases of products made by over 52,000 consumers- CP shows sales against listed retailers (department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, etc.)- CP population distribution is carefully balanced to mitigate the potential for sample bias, enabling it to be an accurate reflection of the entire Japanese population

- Point Of Sales (POS) Consumer Goods data tracking the goods sold across a large aggregated sample of stores, reported by the retailers themselves and is the only multi-retailer scheme in Japan
- Deep learning AI forecasts of sales by Consumer Goods manufacturers
- POS Electronic Goods data tracking electronic goods sold by home appliance retailers and ecommerce sites, reported by the retailers themselves and is used to analyse Electronics Goods manufactures
- Deep learning AI forecasts of sales by Electronic Goods manufacturers

aiQ Sentiment

- analyses web data such as social media (SNS), web forums (BBS) and web traffic
- categorises and highlights influential posts
- provide an evaluation of sentiment relative to stock price


About Us


- Oct 2016, aiQ was formed as a joint research project of Matsuo Lab (The University of Tokyo) and Nomura Holdings Inc
- while part of the Nomura Financial Innovation Office, aiQ released a Social Media (SNS) x AI business confidence index jointly with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
- Nov 2018, aiQ launched as an independent company

"Fast and accurate information for risk takers in the capital market"
Traditional information such as financial statements are a heavily commoditised source of information. aiQ aims to use AI & BigData to bring new sources of financial information into the market in a meaningful form for market participants, thereby contributing to efficient economic growth

- AI technology and Big Data analysis using many Machine Learning techniques
- Strong relationship with Matsuo Lab's top researchers of deep learning
- Quantitative Analysis experience in the Financial Industry
- Deep knowledge about the Japanese markets
- Experts in IT, Data Analysis and Financial Markets


Yuki Yamamoto



Takeshi Akino



Blair Anson



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