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Company History

November 2015: the world's first business confidence index based on deep learning, "Nomura AI business confidence index“, released
- Announced every month at Morning Business Satellite at Tokyo TV. Mentioned by Wall Street Journal and other publications
- For details, refer to "Yamamoto Hiroki, Matsuo Yutaka" indexing of financial reports using economic watcher survey as learning data "JSAI 2016"


September 2016 - April 2018: Undertaken by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to develop and announce the “SNS × AI business confidence index”

- NHK etc. Attracted attentions from the media

October 2016: - Nomura Group's first business contest "Nomura Innovators" award for best. Full-scale commercialization started being planned.

November 2018: - Established aiQ Co., Ltd. Curve out from Nomura group

December 2018: – Investment data service utilizing mobile geolocation data, called aiQ Geolocation, was released

Mar 2019: – NTT DOCOMO Ventures and other VCs invested in aiQ.

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