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Key Features

The Biggest Data

Hourly demographics provided by NTT Docomo the largest cellphone company in Japan.

Covers 78 million Domestic Residents and
9 million Foreign Visitors 

Strict guidelines and processes to protect Privacy and Personal information

Manufacturing Focus

Aggregates Listed Japanese firms  which have core production lines inside Japan.

Over 15,000 buildings mapped using geofences to monitor corporate activity in real-time

Information for Investment

Ticker level Foot traffic data  of over 1,500 companies in multiple industries

Various insights from the latest production line Information in Japan

COVID-19 Impact in Japan

Case 1: Tokyo Disney Resort Foot Traffic Record
  • Foot traffic of Tokyo Disney Resort (Disneyland and DisneySea) declined significantly from 29th Feb 2020 due the temporary park closure recommended by the appropriate authorities

  • Until 29th Feb, many people visited to the park and so TDL decision at this stage might be useful to mitigate risk from COVID-19 at certain level.

Case 2: Bipolarization of Japan Tourism
  • This chart describes the foot traffic for a Hotel focused J-REIT

  • As expected, total foot traffic for this hotel portfolio declined significantly since end of February

  • The chart below describes foot traffic of a certain hotel which shows a large spike in March 2020

  • This indicates many Japanese residents visited this hotel in March and did not encounter the downturn experienced by other hotels

  • Japan Tourism trends are changing due to COVID-19, and not always in expected ways

Other use cases in our Report
  • Supply chain delay impacts in automobile industry

  • Activity change in Semiconductor & FPD Production Equipment companies

  • Others

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